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Ceviche Time! (Plus Some Great Lomo Saltado)

Jun 9, 12:17 PM Comment [3]

I’m a lover of ceviche, and while you can always count on Los Balcones del Peru and various Mexican stands around town, I wanted to see what other versions I could stuff in my mouth. I had heard about some Guatemalan ceviche at La Cevicheria, so I dragged my mom and girlfriend with me along for the ride. Coincidentally, as I was getting ready, J-Gold released his epic review of Mo-Chica, and it immediately made my list. I ate there a few days later with a couple of friends. So here, in no particular format, is my breakdown of those two meals.

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Go To This Bake Sale

Jun 5, 08:52 AM Comment [1]

Friend and food blogger Tannaz has informed me of an awesome bake sale on Sunday the 14th at Scoops! Say what? Scoops and a bake sale at the same place?

They even have contributions from Lark Cake Shop, CakeMonkey, Spork Foods, Large Marge Sustainables, Kiss My Bundt Bakery, Whisk LA, Taste on Melrose and Laurel Avenue Bakery. There are also going to be home made jams.

So get on it. For more info, click here and here .

No Cookie Left Behind Bake Sale
Sunday, June 14th
712 N Heliotrope Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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Domenico Ristorante Review: Campus Circle

Jun 3, 11:34 AM

The new issue of Campus Circle hits the newsstands today, and in it is my review for the new Silverlake Italian restaurant Domenico Ristorante.

You can download the entire pdf of the issue here

Or, you can click here to read the online version.


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Recipes From Italy!

Jun 3, 11:14 AM

Hey, all. My mom was just in Italy for a week and seemed to make some new friends. One of them just e-mailed her a couple of her recipes, and if your average home cooked meal in Italy is any indication, they’re probably pretty freaking great.

So check them out. If anybody gets around to making either of these (including me), take pictures, let me know how it went and I’d love to post it up on the site.

Good luck!

(Note: Half the fun of making recipes that people send you from Europe is trying to work your way across the language barriers. Also, I feel like most Italian recipes don’t even use measurements, but rather, “…a little of this, a little of that…”.)

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Névé Ice Event at Church & State

Jun 2, 10:30 AM Comment [1]

Went to an event last night sponsored by Névé Ice, a company trying to prove that while people have been getting more and more innovative with their cocktails over the years, they haven’t given enough attention to the ice.

I had a pleasant time, thanks in large part to the company, which included Golden State co-owner (and Man Bites World regular) Jason Bernstein.

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