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Noah Galuten: Stuffed Broccoli Bread: The Return (Healthier Edition)

Stuffed Broccoli Bread: The Return (Healthier Edition)

Remember that dish from a little while back-- pizza dough stuffed with sautéed broccoli and sausage? Well last night I decided to try out a slightly healthier version. I used whole wheat pizza dough and cubed chicken breast (cooked on the stove until still pink inside, since it would finish in the oven) instead of white dough and pork sausage. But to combat the stronger, earthier flavors of the whole wheat, I decided to use a few splashes of balsamic vinegar in the pan as well to finish off the sauté.

I had enough dough and filling to make two breads, so I attempted a slight experiment. With one, I grated fresh parmesan cheese onto the filling before rolling it up. On the other, I added the parmesan cheese on top of the bread during the last seven minutes of baking, so as to create a little bit of a cheese crust. The result? Both turned out really good, but the one with the cheese inside was the clear winner. Leftovers also made for a nice breakfast this morning cold out of the fridge. Yum.