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Noah Galuten: Recipes From Italy!

Recipes From Italy!

Hey, all. My mom was just in Italy for a week and seemed to make some new friends. One of them just e-mailed her a couple of her recipes, and if your average home cooked meal in Italy is any indication, they’re probably pretty freaking great.

So check them out. If anybody gets around to making either of these (including me), take pictures, let me know how it went and I’d love to post it up on the site.

Good luck!

(Note: Half the fun of making recipes that people send you from Europe is trying to work your way across the language barriers. Also, I feel like most Italian recipes don’t even use measurements, but rather, “…a little of this, a little of that…”.)

Ragout for 6 prs. abt

250g of minced beef and 250g of minced veal
1 onion
2 carrots
1/2 celery stalks
80 g butter
4 spoons of extra vergin olive oil
1 glass of dry white wine
2 tea spoons of tomato paste
milk, about two glasses
nutmeg (not everybody likes it, I did put a little bit)

Prepare the vegetables and put all in the kitchen robot to have them cut in tiny pieces.
In a pan (I use the pressure cooker to do it quicker and to keep more taste)
put the oil, butter and the vegetables and with a small flame let it warm up a bit (to let butter melt, be careful veget. must not fry and get brown) and immediately after the meet. Mix for a few minutes till the meet changes colour, then with a bit higher flame put the white wine and, always mixing, let it dry up. Then add the tomato, salt, pepper and nutmeg and if you use the pressure cooker cover the meat with some tepid milk ( abt two glasses but it’s enough if it covers the meat) and let it whisle for abt 30 min. ( flame not too high) Otherwise in a normal pan, keep a small flame, mix regularly to check that it doesn’t stick to the pan and add the milk (always tepid) gradually and cook for abt 50 mnts. You can also add some tepid water if the milk is not enough to let it cook for so long. The most important thing is to let it cook slowly, just a slow boil.
When you use ragout with pasta, tagliatelle, add the ragout whe it’s hot and if it is too dry, keep a bit of the water of the tagliatelle. Remember to add parmisan cheese.

Vitello tonnato

Ingredients: 1 piece of magatello veal meat
1 carrot
1 onion
1 celery stalk canned tuna in oil 500 g abt
1 egg
olive oil (light taste) or sunflower,peanut oil

Boil the veal in salted water with the vegs.(Again I use the pressure cooker and for 1 Kg of meat I put 1 l of water and cook of 30 mnts of whistle). Once is cooked put on a plate and let it cool covered so that it does’nt dry up too much outside.
Once the meet is cold, cut in thin slices (better with the slicer) and put on a plate and add 1 or two spoons of the brooth (cooking water, use what’s left for a risotto!).
Prepare the maionese with the mixer ( put the egg, a pinch of salt in the glass, put in the mixer, add half a glass of oil and keeping the mixer still let it work for 20/30 scds till it becomes a bit thick. Add the oil till the thickness is ok. Then add the tuna and mix alltogether).
Put the sauce over the meat and some capers to garnish.
Put in the fridge and serve cool.