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Noah Galuten: Great Un-Food Related Things

Great Un-Food Related Things

I’ve been slightly dormant of late, but wanted to show off some really cool stuff. This is in no way related to food, but then, I never called this a food website (it’s a “me” website, and “me” just happens to like food a lot).

There’s an artist named Andrew Frueh who does stuff solo, as well as with his wife Melissa, that I really enjoy. In fact, I’ve known them both for a long time, but hadn’t checked their work out in a while (mostly because I’m a self-obsessed prick), but finally remembered to do so today and left very impressed. So get on it everybody and click those little hyperlinks you see below.

To see one of his awesome animated shorts, click here.

To buy some beautiful creatures made by his wife Melissa, like the one pictured above, click here.

And to go to Andrew Frueh’s main website, click here.