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Noah Galuten: Recipes

Recipes From Italy!

Jun 3, 11:14 AM

Hey, all. My mom was just in Italy for a week and seemed to make some new friends. One of them just e-mailed her a couple of her recipes, and if your average home cooked meal in Italy is any indication, they’re probably pretty freaking great.

So check them out. If anybody gets around to making either of these (including me), take pictures, let me know how it went and I’d love to post it up on the site.

Good luck!

(Note: Half the fun of making recipes that people send you from Europe is trying to work your way across the language barriers. Also, I feel like most Italian recipes don’t even use measurements, but rather, “…a little of this, a little of that…”.)

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Stuffed Broccoli Bread: The Return (Healthier Edition)

Apr 1, 12:10 PM Comment [1]

Remember that dish from a little while back-- pizza dough stuffed with sautéed broccoli and sausage? Well last night I decided to try out a slightly healthier version. I used whole wheat pizza dough and cubed chicken breast (cooked on the stove until still pink inside, since it would finish in the oven) instead of white dough and pork sausage. But to combat the stronger, earthier flavors of the whole wheat, I decided to use a few splashes of balsamic vinegar in the pan as well to finish off the sauté.

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Thai Inspired Roast Chicken

Jan 20, 01:20 PM Comment [4]

I love a good roast chicken. I’ve been eating it the traditional way my whole life, but recently, decided to experiment in another direction. There are lots of recipes on how to roast a chicken traditionally, and if you haven’t ever done it, you should. But if you’re interested in trying something a little different, give this a whirl.

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I'm Alive!

Jan 9, 02:39 PM Comment [13]

Hey, everybody. Sorry for vanishing for a while there. I’ve essentially become a hermit over the past few weeks since MBW ended. I think I’ve left my house twice in the last week. I’m going to try to post here about twice a week from now on, and topics may vary. But I’m also dead broke and cooking a lot at home these days, so get prepared for a lot of cheap, tasty and relatively healthy recipes.

This one is an old family recipe for a rolled pizza dough stuffed with broccoli and sausage. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods. In the images below, I used chicken sausage, since GirlfriendBites doesn’t eat pork. But you really want to use sweet Italian pork sausage. Trust me on that one.

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