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Noah Galuten: Restaurant Write-Ups

On Bibimbap

Apr 14, 10:15 AM Comment [1]

I’ve had a lot of bibimbap in my life, and while I’ve always enjoyed it, I’ve never really craved it. When it comes to more basic Korean, I’d always rather dig into a bowl of soon tofu than a mini-cauldron of dolsot bibimbap. But I also hadn’t been to any of the supposed best places around town.

I tried to rectify that, and headed over to a place I’d heard is one of the best— Jeon Ju.

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Ichimiann: Da Return

Apr 9, 08:34 AM Comment [3]

I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder to everyone that I love this place, and everybody should be going here as often as possible. Their soba noodles are hand made (you can order them thin or thick), the broth is delicate and the restaurant is absurdly inexpensive. Also, it’s right next to an old school Foster’s Freeze, so you can always go get some dessert afterward (though both are cash only— so bring money).

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New Spot For Food and Beer Near the Arclight: BoHo

Mar 6, 11:15 AM Comment [1]

BoHo (meant to stand for “Bohemian Hollywood) is the new restaurant from designer Kris Keith (The Bowery, Delux, Kitchen 24) and chef Andr√© Guerrero (Oinkster). It’s inside the Arclight complex on Sunset, and offers wines, liquor, a whole bunch of beers on tap and food centered around pizza and pork products (but there will, I’m told, be vegetarian and vegan options).

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Mariscos Chente, Finally

Mar 2, 10:16 AM

The underground excitement for this inexpensive, low key Sinaloan seafood specialist in Mar Vista all started with this Chowhound post by streetgourmetla. It got nothing but positive feedback from everybody, everywhere and even got a great write-up from expert blogger and Man Bites World regular Exile Kiss (you may remember him/her/it from their appearance on this very website). I’d heard enough. So when my mom wanted to take me to lunch, I knew exactly where to go.

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Salbutes, Panades and Garnaches, Oh My

Feb 19, 08:58 AM Comment [1]

My friend Josh and I have been on the hunt for really good Belizean food in Los Angeles. Most specifically, we were looking for inexpensive, fried and delicious things. Well we found our place, and its name is Little Belize.

Finding it was only slightly difficult. We spotted it on the other side of an intersection while waiting at a red light behind another car. I thought I might have an interesting picture of the exterior, so I took out my camera and pointed it at the restaurant. But I decided it was a bad shot, and put the camera away. Just then, the car in front of us noticed the camera and adjusted its rear-view mirror quickly to get a look at us.

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